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Beer Reviews the Saint Arnold Brewing Company

The oldest craft brewery in the State of Texas is the Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Located in Houston, the brewery was founded in 1994, with just one type of beer. The brewery now brews 5 beers year round. In addition they brew 5 seasonal varieties, and they occasionally release a limited number of cases of “Divine Reserve”. The brewery is named for the patron saint of brewers, Saint Arnold of Metz, who lived in the 6th century. Saint Arnold beer is sold exclusively in Texas.

The Saint Arnold Brewing Company’s primary marketing campaign is their Saturday tour. The Saturday tour is every Saturday at 1pm, and costs $5.00. When you pay for the tour you receive an eight ounce souvenir glass and four wooden nickels. The four wooden nickels are exchanged for filling up the eight ounce glass once for each nickel. The tour consist of a brief lecture about the history of beer, the history of Saint Arnold, the history of the Saint Arnold’s brewery, and (most importantly) what is on tap. The rest of the tour is spent tasting 32 ounces of the Saint Arnold beer of your choice.

The Beers that are produced year round are:
– Saint Arnold Amber Ale The first beer the brewery made, also their flagship beer.
– Saint Arnold Brown Ale
– Saint Arnold Texas Wheat. This is an American wheat ale
– Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower. This beer is a German Style Kolsch
– Saint Arnold Elissa IPA. This is an India Pale ale named for the sailing ship Elissa

The Beers that are produces seasonally are:
– Saint Arnold Spring Bock.This is a German Style Bock beer brewed in the spring.
– Saint Arnold Summer Pils. This is a Pilsner Beer produced during the summer.
– Saint Arnold Octoberfest. This is a Scottish Ale that is usually released in Mid September.
– Saint Arnold Christmas Ale. Christmas Ale is usually released in November, and is usually sold out weeks before Christmas.
– Saint Arnold Winter Stout. This is a Stout that Saint Arnold usually starts shipping as soon as Christmas Ale sells out.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company also makes a Root Beer made with real cane sugar.