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Beer Review for Beach Bum Blonde Ale

Beach Bum Blonde Ale (which I will refer to BBB and that’s not the Better Business Bureau) is a sad mistake in which I’m sorry to say that it’s going to be difficult to explain so much about a bad beer in some many words for this beer doesn’t deserve a page to be referenced by.

Anheuser-Busch is creating and buying up independent brewers like their other beer Wild Blue (in which they bought this beer out from the original company) I do not believe Busch actually bought out anything this time, they had their novice beer scientist whip this one up under a day I’m sure.

The beer lacks in everything appeal to want to buy it, this is the most generic looking beers I’ve ever seen it looks as if a brewery of kids made the bottle art its horrible. But what’s scarier than that is the taste, in which there is none at all, this BBB taste nothing like what a real blonde should taste like…

The beer is watered down and kept from reaching its potential so that they could cut back on ingredients so they profit more of a buck when you buy their shallow excuse for a beer.

Now I’ve done ratings for beers elsewhere on the internet like beer advocate and rate beer and some newbie beer drinkers find beer such as these a new adventure in their drinking life, I started mine with a Double India Pale Ale to each their own I suppose. I also try to keep on the positive side of beer when I review them but I would never recommend this beer to anyone who wishes to start experiencing new and different beers.

The price on this beer also gets me going when I know I could have spent a dollar or two more and bought a 6 pack of anything else that was worth a damn.

BBB is nothing but a profit gain and that’s what the liquid reflects greed and impatience’s. Any home brewer could have conjured up a blonde better then Busch has, these big beer companies try to mass produce what smaller microbrewers are doing and failing but their customers normally drinking their main stream Bud Light would not be able to tell the difference that this beer is just not up to par with what a real beer truly is!

So with that said I hope you avoid this beer and save your money and try something else for it’s just not worth it if you’re a beer advocate, in fact I would suggest staying away from most of Busch’s wannibie microbrew beers go out and find yourself a microbrew blonde ale and this one if you truly need to taste the difference of how bad this BBB really is!


I rate this beer 1 out of 10