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Beer Butt Chicken

Cooking a beer butt chicken over an open fire is another great and easy option for preparing this tasty recipe. Many people who camp don’t have larger grills that are needed to cook the beer can chickens. Others just prefer the taste of cooking over an open fire to cooking on a gas grill.

Once you get the camp fire started, add charcoal and let the coals get hot. You will need a grate to place over the fire. You can also use the stainless steel beer can stand that is available in stores and online. The beer can stand is handy because it does help keep the chicken and the beer can more steady. You can also purchase a single or double stand allowing you to prepare one or two chickens at a time. However, if you don’t have a stand, you can place the beer cans and chicken directly on the grate. Once the can(s) and chicken(s) are prepared and placed over the fire, you just need to sit back and relax.

As we experimented with cooking the beer butt chickens over the open fire, we did discover that the chickens will cook faster and brown very nicely if you cover them. So, we experimented with various ways of covering the chickens and we have created a cover that works really well. It is reusable and easy to clean and store. Placing the cover over the chicken on the grate allows the chicken to cook faster and more evenly – and it browns very nicely.

There is very little cleanup with this method. Actually, the hardest thing to clean is the beer can stand. The cover that we’ve designed can be rinsed out and dried over the fire. The beer can stand just needs to be soaked in soapy water and it can then be easily cleaned with a scouring pad.

I haven’t been able to find any articles or recipes for cooking beer butt chickens over a campfire, so I wanted to share our experience. We’ve been camping for over twenty years and have been in situations where we didn’t have a grill or just wanted a great campfire recipe. We are hoping that others will try out this easy and inexpensive recipe.