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Banana the Healthy Snack in its own Wrapper

When I think of the banana one of my first thoughts is a quick breakfast on the fly as I rush into another busy day. It tastes good, it is good for me. I can it eat with one hand and no plate, bowl or utensils. I don’t have to cook it. I can eat it raw. I can enjoy it on the run. It is one of those perfect foods by my way of thinking.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BANANA, there is a lot more to it than just being a healthy snack in its own biodegradable wrapper or something quick to eat for breakfast when I’m on the fly.

Banana: according to the dictionary is a finger shaped, elongated fruit with a soft pulpy flesh enclosed in a soft yellow rind when ripe; the edible fruit of a treelike tropical plant that bears its fruit in compact pendant like bunches.

Most everyone recognizes the banana. It is one of the earliest solid foods fed to our children, a fruit most everyone enjoys throughout their life and seems to be a favorite of the elderly right up there along with the apple. Maybe it is because of the lore and legend and maybe it is because the banana is all that it claims to be.

There are a few things about the banana that I can confirm as true from my own experience.

1. They taste good; I love the flavor and texture of a good banana. I enjoy eating them. For me they are a comfort food.
2. When I am not feeling well and nothing much really sets well on my stomach, I can most always still stomach a banana.
3. When I am having one of those busy, gotta get it done, gotta keep going days and I’m feeling too tired to go on, eating a banana gives me that burst of energy I need to get the job done.
4. When I am feeling stressed and feel one of those stress headaches coming on, eating a banana at the onset usually calms me down and the headache usually disappears. Good medicine.
5. For most of my working life I have worked at jobs where I am on my feet a lot. My legs get really tired and end up feeling achy. When I try to relax my legs get that twitchy, can’t be still feeling. I find by eating a banana or two the achiness and twitchiness go away in a short time.
6. When I find myself feeling bored I’m inclined to get a case of the munchies and would go for the junk food but I have learned to reach for a banana instead. It cures the munchies and does it in a healthy way. The same goes for my sweet tooth problem, by reaching for the banana I have fed the desire for sweets and stayed out of the cookie jar. Good for me.
7. I don’t know what it is about it but the banana also seems to help with my arthritis. When my joints are feeling achy, painful and there is swelling and stiffness, eating a couple of bananas each day for a few days seems to help. It really does.

These are just a few things I know from my own experience but there is a lot more to the banana and research has proven the banana to be wonderful, maybe even the world’s most perfect food.

Bananas are high in potassium. They contain high amounts of vitamin B6 and small amounts of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps to produce the chemicals our bodies needs to stay calm, to help fight the anxieties we face in our daily lives, ward off depression and help us to sleep restfully.

Bananas also contain pectin which we need to help control our LDL cholesterol levels and that much needed vitamin B6 is what we need to help strengthen our immune system with its disease fighting antibodies.

Bananas are also high in iron which helps to prevent anemia. The banana also contains bromide a chemical element our bodies need to help control the acidity in our stomach helping to prevent acid indigestion (heartburn) and intestinal discomfort. It helps to prevent constipation and diarrhea and I am not sure what it is about the banana but it contains something that also seems to help control body temperature, they have a cooling effect and help to lower fever that goes along with seasonal colds and flu as well as when you are just overheated from over exertion or too much summer sun.

Bananas are very good for you, no matter how you peel them, shake them, mash them or slice them, so long as you eat them. The banana might just really be the world’s best food source. Bananas seem to be a good remedy for many of the ills we face in life and what is more they taste good and you don’t need a prescription. I enjoy a good banana.