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Baked Potato Filling Ideas

Here are some ideas for what to fill your baked potato with once you have hollowed it out, in order from simple to more complex ideas:

1. Pre-made Sauces: Any savoury source will go with potato full-stop, period. This includes but is not limited to: Nacho sauce, sweet chili sauce, tomato sauce (ketchup), tartar, cocktail sauce, tabasco, and aioli. Indeed mixing any two, or three (if you are feeling brave!), of these sauces will also work depending on personal tastes. Adding cream, mayonnaise, or yoghurt, is a proven way of making that potato a dinner favourite.

2. Diced cooked vegetables: A healthy choice of filling can be surprisingly tasty. Kidney beans, chick peas, snow peas, finely diced leek or shallot, corn and even sweet potato all fit snuggly inside the baked potato. Make sure these vegetables are already cooked and you may like to add some salt or soy sauce to add flavour.

3. Apart from these single or double ingredients here are some ideas for fillings which I have come up with involving more than two ingredients:

a) ‘Pota-Crunch-to’

Crushed peanuts or cashew nuts, garlic, pinch of salt and optional chili (paste or powder), you may like to add a tiny hint of sesame oil for more flavour and moisture.

b) ‘Toastato’

Melted cheese, corn chips, favourite savoury sauce, optional meat (ham, salami), diced tomato or pickled gherkins are a great option to balance the heavier ingredients. Make sure the potato is still hot enough to melt the cheese or you may need to add the cheese while it is in the last phase of baking.

c) ‘Bee’s Bottom’

Teaspoon of honey, squeeze of lemon or lime or some blood orange juice. (Recommended to eat hot out of the oven so that the honey runs and the juice seeps into the potato) This is recommended for small potatoes because the sweet and sour nature of the recipe is not one a whole meal should consist of.

d) ‘Potazzino’

Diced olives, pinch of salt, onion cooked and diced, finely chopped salami, optional tomato paste (used on pizza bases). Potatoes are almost finished in the oven.

e) ‘Curry-Pot’

Favourite curry paste, diced onion, garlic, salt, finely cut meat of choice (chicken breast, mince beef works well), optional vegetable such as carrot or zucchini, teaspoon of coconut juice or cream. The ingredients need to be made into a curry separately and then used to fill the potato when it is done.

Enjoy your baked potatoes!