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Avoiding Trans Fats and Extra Calories

Fast food is out there, it is convenient, it is tempting, and it tastes good. It is also not one of our healthiest food options, and this has come as somewhat of a disappointment to a lot of individuals who are addicted to the convenience, and taste variety that fast food provides.

Fortunately eating healthy doesn’t mean that fast food has to be eliminated from our diet plan. It just means that we have to design our fast food choices to insure that they are healthy options for us. It all boils down to how we can manage to cut down on calories and fats in our fast food choices yet still be able to enjoy the taste of our fast food.

The first step is to not order pop as a drink with your take out meal. Pop is a drink that is simply empty calories, it provides zero nutritional value to your diet, and is loaded with calories. Have water, a glass of milk, or a container of juice instead. Allow the liquids that you consume to enrich your body instead of simply adding extra calories!

Calories and fat seem to go hand in hand, so reducing one, logically reduces the other. Beef is a high fat food and definitely not one of our healthiest choices in meat. So think lean white meats like chicken, turkey, or fish. This means that the first positive step forward would be to trade that greasy old hamburger in for a chicken burger, a fish burger, or better yet for a submarine sandwich. Each little difference that you make in your diet does count! A little today, maybe a little more tomorrow, a little more the day after that, and it all starts to add together to make a very large difference in the amount of fat and calories that you consume!

OKay and while we are on the subject of burgers, let’s admit that the slice of tomato and sprig of lettuce that are wedged into that burger or sandwich, are not exactly the days recommended amount of vegetation. Most fast food restaurants supply a variety of salads, fruit cups, or actual fruit choices as side dishes. Think about adding a salad or some fruit to your meal. When you do this you not only get some nutritious antioxidants into your body, but you usually consume a few very filling foods in the process, so you will actually feel fuller longer. This means that you will probably eat less during your meal, and you will definitely munch a little less as your day progresses. Did you know that your body does not recognise fatty potatoes (like french fries) as an immediate food source? Because the body is designed to store fat for future use, it does not view the intake of fatty foods as an immediate food source, it therefore does not advise the brain to quit eating, and you continue to feel hungry even after munching down on a whole lot of greasy french fries. The solution: ditch the french fries and have an apple or a salad instead!

Now that brings up the concept of deep fried foods, you just know that if it is deep fried that your meal is going to involve oils or fats, and that means fattening and a whole lot of extra calories. It also unfortunately means yummy and that is something that most of us just do not want to give up! So can you manage to find a balance here? The best idea of course would be to eat something that isn’t deep fried, like a submarine sandwich, or a nice chicken salad. But if you absolutely can’t resist the taste of deep fried foods, than compromise, or find healthier solutions. If you select healthier options on two of your take out meals, then on the third meal allow yourself that deep fried wonder food that makes you feel like superman, or superwoman depending on your gender. Seek out restaurants that use healthier oils or are trans fats free. Trans fats are those nasty fats that will clog your arteries for a lifetime, avoid them as much as you possibly can, your heart will thank you later.

Remember that you don’t have to give up the convenience and taste of take out food, you just have to make a few little alterations in your food selections, and allow them to add up over the course of your lifetime. It is after all the little things that make the biggest difference.