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Are Subway Foods as Good as the Advertising

Does Subway’s food live up to their advertising? In some ways the answer is yes, but in other ways, no. Sorry if that does not definitively answer the question with more than a definite maybe. That answer lies with individuals eating there. However, for myself, while the flavors are good the proportions are not, if you go by the ads.

Watch the ads and you see a generously proportioned sandwich with lots of meat, cheese and veggies. The ad makes the sandwich look so appetizing that you want to just run out and get that behemoth of a sandwich. Once you get there, however, the sandwich is nothing like the ad.

You stand there, almost drooling in anticipation for that sandwich seen on TV and then see the almost skimpy portions, that are the reality and it is a real letdown. No wonder they advertise such small caloric amounts for their sandwiches when you can make your own at home, with the generous proportions you want. This is all for a similar price as the restaurant, if you want, or know how, to cook.

The biggest thing one must look at, because it is not the sandwich, is the time factor involved. At home, you must take the time to prepare all the components of your sandwich, chopping the veggies, cooking and slicing the meats, and slicing the cheese, along with either buying or baking the bread. Then you have to put it all together and this takes time. At the restaurant, someone else assembles the sandwich for you, from previously prepared ingredients, wraps it and hands you a cup and bag of chips. All you have to do is eat the thing and get on with your day.

Therefore, for the time savings it may be worth the price to buy the sandwich. There are other choices around town as well however, that I will not name here. Is their advertising false and misleading? Well, that is up to you. Don’t expect the same portions you see in any ads, for any restaurant, unless you have a chance to check them out first because advertising is designed to make you want to go there and eat. The food looks great, as does the service on TV, but the reality can be very different.

Television advertising is rather like buying shoes online. You cannot try them on to see if they fit and feel good, just like you cannot taste and smell the food on the TV. Rather like the difference between riding a stick horse and the real thing. You have to be the judge for yourself.