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Are Printed Cookbooks a Thing of the Past – Yes

When you are in search of the perfect recipe for that dinner party you are having on the weekend, where do you look? Do you scamper through page by page of your chunky cookbooks to find ingredients for a fantastic recipe, but have no idea what Calvados is? Or do you visit the net and Google till your heart’s content?

Over the past 12 months, the internet has far superceded anything that I have found in my cookbooks. Cookbooks have become a waste of time, an unnecessary expense and take up a shelf that attracts dust. Yes, it’s nice to have a couple of stylish cookbooks on show in your kitchen, but that’s all they are good for – a prop.

The internet can give you fantastic ideas for cooking. Recently I put in Google ‘the best scone recipe’ and found the easiest scone recipe available with the most odd ingredients – self raising flour, cream and lemonade. And they were an absolute hit with some visiting Londoners.

With shows like Ready Steady Cook and celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Curtis Stone and the like, the internet has made cooking more accessible to a whole demographic who thought that they couldn’t cook.

Google ‘Lamb recipe’ – and you have a plethora of easy lamb recipes available to choose from. I’ve hosted complete dinner parties using internet recipes and my guests have been impressed with the stunning selection of food on offer.

Cookbooks can give you ideas about presentation of a dish with their pretty pictures, but the internet can offer the pretty picture and a lot more. If you don’t like a recipe because of a couple of ingredients that are either too expensive or not to your taste, you can easily move onto the next.

TV shows are another option for budding chefs. With more and more homes having a television in eye’s range of the kitchen, you can record your favorite celebrity chef making that special dish and do the work step by step with them. They may make it look really easy, but that pause button gives you the freedom to work at your own pace.

Nintendo have come out with cooking recipe cartridges for their DS Lite consoles, so again, you can cook at your own pace with a selection of sensational recipes.

Recipe cards at the supermarket help you choose what to make that is fresh and in season. They are free and are an instant shopping list when you hit the shops.

Being inspired with your cooking from a vast array of different media keeps your cooking alive and fresh. Gone are the days where you go to Christmas for Aunty Lil’s famous potato salad, food has become more sophisticated and people are wanting more vitality on their palette.

Hit the net, get absorbed into the celebrity chef shows and get inspired with the latest delectables on offer. You’ll impress yourself and your guests with some amazing treats.