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With their hundreds of varieties,apples are one of the most popular and commercially important fruits in the world.

Apples have been the favorite fruit of most people for over centuries. Over the years and till to date apple growers have developed and are growing new and improved varieties. However, the varieties that account for most of the apples grown on a commercial scale and in home gardens, include,

Cox’s Orange Pippin: first grown in 1825, this medium-sized apple, round in shape, with an orange-colored skin is reputable due to its unusual flavor, varying from crunchy and acidic in early September to mellow and soft after it has been stored. This variety, particularly grown in Britain, Denmark, The Netherlands and New Zealand, accounts for over fifty percent of dessert apples of the British. However, with its juicy flesh and excellent flavor, it is normally eaten fresh.

Delicious: Originated in Peru Iowa in 1880, Delicious or Red Delicious apple is most popular in North America, as well as, in Australia, France and Italy. This medium to large size apple, varying from a solid dark red skin to a dark red color with darker stripes, has an oval shape with five knobs at the bottom. The sweet-tasting apple with its juicy, firm and crisp flesh is usually eaten fresh.

Empire: developed in 1966 in Geneva, as a cross between the McIntosh and Red Delicious varieties, this medium-sized apple has a dark red skin with a juicy, firm, crisp with a slightly tart flesh. With its sweet-tart taste, it is ideal for salads, baking and pies.

Gala: One of the most popular apples of the United States since its introduction in the 1970s, Gala originated in the 1930s in New Zealand, as a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red. This medium-size apple with a conical shape has a yellowish-orange to red skin with a yellowish to cream- colored flesh which is crisp and very sweet. It excellent in baking and is normally eaten fresh.

Golden Delicious: one of the most popular apples in the United States, this small to large-sized apple with an oval shape has a golden-yellow skin with a juicy firm flesh having a sweet flavor. It is a good all-purpose apple ranging from eating fresh, in salads, baking, making sauce and apple butter.

Granny Smith: originated in Australia in 1868, this popular apple of Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa has a bright green skin with an almost round shape. Ranging from medium to large size with a firm flesh tasting tart, it is usually eaten fresh and also used in cooking and baking.

Jonathan: This popular American variety apple has a shiny red skin touched with yellow and green. Ranging from small to medium-sized with a round to oval shape, this apple has a tart flavor with a juicy firm flesh. It can be eaten fresh or baked into pies.

McIntosh: originated from Morrisburg, Ontario and Canada in the eighteenth century, this medium sized apple has a bright red skin with a round or oval shape, having a mildly acid to sweet flavor with a tender flesh, ideal for eating fresh.

Rome Beauty: originated from Ohio in the nineteenth century, this popular cooking, baking and processing apple have red skin with yellow or green markings. Usually large in size, with a round to oval shape, the crisp, firm flesh has a mildly acid flavor.

Stay man Winesap: originated from Leavenworth, United States in1866, this apple has a dull red skin with darker red stripes. Ranging from medium to large-sized, this apple variety is round in shape with a firm flesh having a mildly tart flavor. It can be either eaten fresh or used in processing.

York Imperial: originated from York, Pennsylvania, this medium to large-sized apple has a green or yellow skin with red stripes with a round to oval shape, having a slightly lopsided form. With its firm flesh tasting mildly acid to sweet, it is mainly used in processing.

Other varieties, like the Brae burn is popular in Newzealand, South Africa and United States, while the Bramley apple is one of the favorite cooking apples in Britain. Moreover, there exist more than thirty kinds of wild apples, which are mostly known as Crab apple.