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American Companies should be American Owned

It is definitely my contention that American beers should be brewed by American companies, not by some “absentee landlord” company in Belgium, Saudi Arabia or some other far-flung corner of the world. In the first place, Budweiser is as American as mom, apple pie and Chevrolet! Michelob, O’Douls, Busch and the various other progeny spawned by the Anheuser-Busch corporation enjoy a certain ‘brand loyalty’ in this country that I don’t believe transfers to foreign brands such as Heineken, Red Stripe, Kirin, Beck’s and others.

Furthermore, the economy of this country is not going to get stronger by selling pieces of America into foreign ownership. This has already been exhibited many times over ~ whenever a foreign investor purchases a U.S. company, the corporate profits from that company are distributed to the shareholders of the new owners, who are most often foreign investors. So, the money that the new owner is earning, from American consumers, is now being taken out of our country and benefiting other nations! How can this possibly be helpful to the American economy?! IF Anheuser-Busch were sold to an overseas company, be it Belgian or otherwise, I believe that most patriotic, beer-drinking Americans would transfer their “brand loyalty” to another American brewery, such as Coors, Sam Adams, or Saranac. I know that I would much rather spend my beer budget on brews that are not only produced in this country, providing jobs for Americans and placing revenue into American coffers, but in addition, are being brewed by a United States company ~ one with the best interests of this country at heart.

Who among us wants to attend a baseball game, NASCAR event or Memorial Day, 4th of July or Veteran’s Day parade and wind up drinking a beer that used to be an American icon, but is now owned and operated by some foreign investment firm? How patriotic is that? If this sounds jingoistic, then so be it! I doubt that Belgian citizens are standing for their national anthem, rallying around their flag, and then hoisting a Coors afterward! I’ve toured the Coors Brewery a couple of times, I know that they kept their company going during Prohibition by diversifying their product line and bottling non-alcoholic beverages, and I know that a member of the Coors family recently ran for a Senate seat in Colorado. These are the types of things that we as Americans are looking for: Integrity that stands behind the product….before we are willing to pledge our loyalty to that product. I believe Anheuser-Busch should consider these aspects of the American consumer before they decide to sell their company to an overseas owner. Keep American companies owned by Americans!