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All about coffee makers

If you love coffee, you know that not all coffee is alike. Did you also know that not all home coffee makers are alike? If you have tried a home coffee maker before and didn’t like it, perhaps it was because you didn’t have the right type to suit your lifestyle and your coffee preference.

Do brand names matter?

Many coffee lovers agree that the brand name doesn’t matter when selecting the best coffee maker for you. What matters is that your coffee maker has all of the features that you need for your life and the coffee you prefer. So, it doesn’t matter whether you choose a Cuisinart coffee maker on sale or an imported Italian espresso maker. What matters is that it provides the java you crave when you want it. It should also be easy to use, especially when you haven’t had your morning dose of caffeine yet.

Types of coffee makers

It’s best to know what kind of coffee you like before shopping for a coffee maker. Next, you also need to know how much time you have to make the coffee. And finally, you need to know how many cups you need at once. Just one? Enough for the whole family? Enough for your division at work? When you have those three items figured out, then you can choose from the types of coffee makers available, such as:


This is the fastest of the coffee makers. It takes about twenty minutes to make six cups of coffee. They come in a variety of cup sizes and designs. They can use medium to finely ground coffee. The only thing you have to watch is that the grounds don’t wind up in your cup along with the brew.


This is the most popular type sold. It can take any size of coffee grounds. It does take longer to make a pot than the percolator, but the flavor brew produced usually can be counted on.

However, they can’t get your coffee as hot as a percolator can, which can bother some coffee drinkers. Drip coffee makers also come in all sizes and lots of bells and whistles.

French Plunger:

Also known as the cafetiere, this can only work for making a couple of cups at a time. You also want to be sure the grounds are coarse so that they are not small enough to slip through the mesh. The quality of the brew can vary.

Pressure brewing:

This is one of the most expensive types of coffee makers, but coffee aficionados say the flavor is worth the price, because it never makes a bitter cup of coffee. Steam pressure is used to extract every last bit of flavor from the bean.

Other fun stuff

Besides those basic types, there are other accessories coffee makers possess that may work for your situation. For example, some Bunn coffee makers are especially made to work at high altitudes. Some Capresso coffee makers boast that they are easy cleaning and can make a variety of coffees, from basic black to cappuccino. Many Braun coffee makers feature dishwasher-safe parts and automatic shut off.