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Advantages of Soy Milk Soy Milk Versus Cows Milk – Soy Milk

I believe soy milk is the better milk choice for most children. I do not say that it is best for all children because some children cannot ingest soy products. It makes them flatulent and causes bloating. On the other hand, for many children soy milk has the benefit of providing a soy protein that does not create mucous. This is especially good for children who are asthmatic. Because many children today, for various reasons, are sufferers of ashtma, this kind of milk benefits them. They can pour it on cereal, drink it freely, and because it comes in a variety of flavors (vanilla and chocolate or plain), children hardly know the difference.

Soy bean milk has now become much more popular than cow’s milk because of diseases in cows. Many parents see potential danger in large consumptions of cow’s milk, not knowing if the cows have Mad Cow. This is scary, and keeps one wondering.

Soy milk, being a vegetable product reduces this fear. Soy milk also does not spoil as rapidly as cow’s milk. Parents can purchase soy milk in sealed containers that can keep for months, or they can buy it where dairy products are sold. As long as it is kept refrigerated after opening, it continues to maintain its freshness a great while. In the case of cow’s milk, it sours and within a week or so, and if not consumed, must be thrown away.

More and more parents today are health concious. They want the best for their infants and children. They are seeking alternatives to the conventional diet. Soy milk is one of these.

Oriental cultures have used soy products for centuries and maintain good cholesterol levels and health. Their children have thrived on this natural product, and it has provided the necessary protein to the body as needed. Because soy milk today is much improved, parents can choose those products which have additional calcium or other vitamins added. The product can be used also for cooking and can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk for most recipes.

If a parent is counting the cost of soy milk versus cow’s milk, the cost will be found to be about twice as high, however, the life of the product is longer.

It is rich and creamy and most satisfying when served cold. Many people, when strapped for cash, will buy cow’s milk temporarily, but find that there is no comparison to soy milk when it comes to causing congestion.

When children are sick with influenza viruses and colds, soy milk is a congenial product. Cow’s milk simply adds to the congestion and accumulation of mucous. Some physicians advise parents to reduce or stop the intake of cow’s milk if a child is running a fever and congested.

Soy milk, more and more is becoming a product of health conscious moms. It is really a tried and true food and unless a child cannot tolerate soy products, it is a good choice. As dairy products become more and more questionable , soy milk does provide that healthy alternative for all.
The product can now be found in just about all major grocery stores, and the price is fairly stable. Most parents I know that use soy milk are satisfied. I, as an adult, use it, and find it is a product that can’t be beat.