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About Pu-Erh tea

Pu-Erh tea is produced from the broad leaf varieties of Camellia sinensis shrub. The Pu-Erh tea is one of China’s favorite teas and has been around for nearly two thousand years. This tea is known for its health benefits as well as the flavor profile.

Pu-Erh tea has to go through a fermentation process, resulting in beneficial qualities and other medicinal properties in the tea. The older leaves are picked for the use in Chinese medicinal teas.

For the leaves to be considered Pu-Erh they must come from China’s Yunnan province.

Pu-Erh tea was used as a form of currency years ago. In today’s market a private collection of Pu-Erh would be worth thousands of dollars.

The first step in processing Pu-Erh tea is the same as green tea. After the leaves are picked, the teas go through a wither. This process eliminates moisture content. The next step of processing is pan frying, to halt oxidation, and then they are rolled. At this stage, they are allowed to dry naturally by placing the rolls in the sun. After they have finished drying, the teas are labeled green Pu-Erh or black Pu-Erh.

The longer green Pu-Erh teas ages the more value it will have. The Pu-Erh and wine have a close kinship as they are both better as they age. The Pu-Erh teas texture as it ages is smooth, silky and dark.

Studies done by China and France have shown that drinking Pu-Erh regularly, lowers blood cholesterol levels. These studies have also shown that compounds in Pu-Erh have the ability to destroy cancerous cells. Having the quality of breaking down fatty acids and waste molecules it is considered to be of use as a blood purifier and weight loss tool. This cleansing of the blood by Pu-Erh tea helps circulation, and eliminates fat.

If you have a digestion problem and want overall longevity as well as vitality, why not have a cup of Pu-Erh tea once a day. It’s earthy, smooth, rich and robust flavor is a good way to start the day. If your preference is sugar and cream, it will go well with this tea. The Pu-Erh tea is brewed the same as black tea, steep in very hot water for five minutes or less depending on how strong you prefer your tea.