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4 Drinks to Give you Energy

We all need to drink, but it seems that every drink that gives you even the slightest amount of energy has to be filled with sugar. Drinks such as soda make us feel bloated and regretful after drinking them. Is there a solution, a drink that is healthy but will still fill you with energy to get you through the day. Well, there’s not just one, there are 4! No more explanation is needed, just get drinking.

If you drink coffee in moderation and with not too much milk and sugar, it can be a very healthy drink. The caffeine wakes you up and gives you energy. Hence why so many people drink it with their breakfast in the morning and coffee shops are always so busy. Coffee is also proven to speed the effects of exercise, therefore promoting weight loss.

It’s cheap, easy to find, healthy and is actually great for filling you with energy. Water is natures coffee. It is great to drink before meals so you don’t eat too much, because if you overeat, there is a near guarantee that you’ll be sleepy within a couple hours. Water is also great because you can buy it in a variety of flavours if you don’t like the plain taste. Vitamin Water is another great option because, well, it’s filled with vitamins.

Ask any nutritionist if they think tea is good for you. Each and every one will say yes. Tea has caffeine, just like coffee. Many people choose tea instead though, because it is lower calorie and it has a very large variety of flavours such as green, hazelnut and chai. The flavour options make it less necessary to use sugar and milk.

Yes, milk gives you energy. Calcium wakes you up as it strengthens your bones. So, technically you’re killing two birds with one stone. This is also great to keep you going throughout the day and there are even benefits for your teeth. There are many varieties of milk also such as almond, soy, and chocolate. Milk is essential for both children and adults.

Despite what you may think, juices are not the best sources of energy or health. 100% Pure Juice is the way to go if you must drink it at all. Just a warning though, it’s filled with sugar. Energy drinks such as Rock-star and Monster are also sugar filled but they do give you energy. It is suggested that these are drunk only occasionally. There are many new healthy drinks in the making so keep your eye out!